Revisiting 'Sex & The City': What Do These People Deserve More Than Each Other? Hint: It's Not "Your Attention"

One of the most confusing things about the old Sex & The City columns is that Candace Bushnell actually found so many thoroughly hateful people — In real life? In her ass? Unclear! — in the pre-Rachel Zoe era. Today's oldie from the NY Observer comes from 1996, the year I went to college and listened to a lot of Luscious Jackson, which brings me to the column itself: "It Takes A Shit Man To Stand By Two Shit Women He Used To Fuck And Pretend Not To Know Them; Eat Shit All Of You." It is about two 25-year-old girls who become best friends when they discover they both had the same shitty taste in 42-year-old man. One is pretty and confident but semi-fat, wheras the other is pretty and thin but semi-unconfident, and the 40-year-old denies fucking the semi-fat one and then tells her he only dated her because they would get their pictures taken all the time because she had some connection to gossip columns or something, which is when the semi-fat one moves in with him; etc. etc. and there's hitting and tantrum-throwing and we get it, Hell Is Other People Who Live In New York.

Here's how it ends:

Carrie took a long time to light a cigarette. Then she said, "What is wrong with you?"

"Nothing," Cici said. "The only thing I care about is my career. Like you."

Yeah, so it's totally deep.

Single, Female and 25: Love Among The Ruins [Observer]


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