Revenge of the Purity Bear

Two weeks ago, we were all introduced to the Purity Bear via a creepy video that looked like the last-minute submission to a misguided high school film course assignment. Well, according to the makers of this helpful little creature, the Purity Bear has been a rousing success because it has attracted more than a "quarter million" views, never mind the fact that, according to Towleroad, its garnered 1,500 dislikes and less than 200 dislikes. The important thing is that, just as people flock to Michael Bay's movies, everyone's watching the Purity Bear in action! My only concern is that I'm not sure how knowledgeable a sexless stuffed animal is about human sexuality. I mean, it's easy for the Purity Bear to be pure because it doesn't have any sex drive and I'm not convinced that it realizes that we're not all made of out synthetic fibers and Christian abstinence.


"Purity Bear" A Smash Success? [Towleroad]

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