Return Of The British Bridezillas

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One great thing about weddings is that the whole insane event — huge dress, perfect hair and makeup, self-centered bride — is just one day. And then life reverts to being somewhat normal. But, thanks (or no thanks!) to Wedding Dress Balls, the gowns come out of the attic — in the name of charity. A few years ago, three young working mothers in the UK were looking for a way to raise money for a local girl with the childhood cancer neuroblastoma. Writes Judy Rumbold in Telegraph: "As unapologetic bridal enthusiasts, they suspected they weren't alone in wanting to get their frocks out for another airing, and came up with an idea that would indulge women's desire to relive all the princessy excesses of a wedding, with none of the stress." Now a certified success, many Wedding Dress Ball participants squeeze into their old wedding dresses, but some buy new outfits especially for the occasion. And single women are allowed to attend, as "fantasy brides." Are you vomiting yet? Just wait!


Since dredging up the dresses is an excuse for the Ball attendees to wax nostalgic about their wedding days, they make best use of the opportunity Even the men! "If I could ask God to provide me with the perfect day, then my wedding day would be it," says Richard Egan-Headley, who, writes Rumbold, is "damp-eyed at the memory of his marriage to Claire six weeks ago." Another groom is just happy to be wearing clean clothes: "I fix cars for a living, so I'm filthy most of the time. It's nice to dress up," he says. But when it comes to heart string-tugging tales, the brides win.

Sam Owens is welling up as she tells me about the dear friend Charlie, now dead, who gave her away at her wedding 20 years ago. She recalls how handsome he looked in the outfit she'd chosen for him - gold brocade waistcoat, matching cravat, a flower in his buttonhole. She rummages in her bag to find a photo. Charlie, it turns out, is a huge white boxer dog with the biggest testicles I have ever seen.

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@badteaparty: LOL, I can imagine that the claws would be out then! In all seriousness though, it's kind of depressing (and sick) when it becomes a competition though... It can easily be compared to the competitions men have when it comes to comparing johnson size...

@denises_24: I feel the same way about my dress. It was a gorgeous strapless ivory number that made of matte ivory satin, with a layer of ivory english netting covered with black flower appliqués of the same material. In the center of each flower was a delicate clear and black bead. It came with a matching shawl and OHMIGAAAAWWWWWDDD it was beautiful! The only other thing that I wore with it was a nice pair of flats and a simple ivory veil. There was no need to wear anything else as the dress was so gorgeous on it's own. Other relatives tried to compete when getting married, but as far as I'm concern, my dress was the one that rocked them all! My favorite part was how my husband was not able to take his eyes off of me the entire night! The dress comes second to him, that's for damn sure!

@scarletvirtue: That must have been so neat to participate in something like that. It must have been a blast for everyone involved! If I ever get a chance, I would definitely love to donate some dresses and accessories to them. =0]