The Brits really seem to be in a state of sartorial unrest. And now, just when you thought things couldn't get any worse, The Daily Telegraph's Sarah Mower has begun championing "The New Puritanism" โ€” a tragic look heralded by the return of the shoulder pad:

Designers will be working overtime to make ''plain and poor" seem pantingly desirable....[P]added shoulders are back, you see....The uprising different from the gargantuan, rounded monstrosities of Eighties tailoring. So far, it's more of a neat, compact silhouette with vaguely Forties overtones...I can't wait to get into it...

Need we remind Mother England what happened the last time the country busted out shoulder pads? Margaret Thatcher!

Shoulder pads may be back but poverty chic isn't far behind [The Telegraph]