Way back in 1994 when Mitt Romney was running for best-quaffed alderman of Massachusetts, he sounded sort of reasonable. He talked about the importance of childcare and how working people should be able to have reliable childcare in their places of business (except, maybe, if they were welders or something dangerous and blue collar), and he also said things like, "Now," as in the 90s now, not the 60s when mothers could stay at home and eat their children's ice cream sundaes while fathers gamboled around the big city with their second wives, "mom and dad both have to work." How true! Except that, for Mittens, it will always be the 1960s, which is why his political talking points, however tempered they seemed when Slick Willie was President of America and Saxophone Playing, have started to fray like the shoelaces of an ill-considered pair of L.A. Gears.

via Buzzfeed