Resumes with LGBT Info Are Less Likely To Land a Job

A new study conducted by the Equal Rights Center and Freedom to work has found some troubling info regarding LGBT discrimination.

Over the course of a year, two researcher's sent resumes of two fake women to 100 different positions at eight different federally contracted companies, including Exxon Mobil and General Electric. The two resumes of "Jennifer" and "Michelle" were nearly identical—they had the same qualifications. The only differences were that Jennifer had more experience and a higher skill set, and also that Jennifer listed LGBT rights activism under her volunteer experience, whereas Michelle listed either environmental or women's rights activism. While in some cases, neither received a call-back, Michelle landed an interview more often than Jennifer.


According to the study: "LGBT applicants were 23 percent less likely to receive a call-back than their non-LGBT counterpart, even when the LGBT applicant was more qualified than the non-LGBT applicant."

The study is particularly insightful in light of the President moving forward with an executive order to ban sexual orientation/identity-based discrimination against federal employees.

Image via Getty.

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