Rest in Peace, Uncle Chichi, the World's Oldest Dog

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Here's some sad news to kick off your Monday. Uncle Chichi, toy poodle, West Village staple and arguably the world's oldest dog has passed away at the ripe old age of 25 or 26. The discrepancy in both Chichi's age and "World's Oldest" title comes from the fact that he was adopted from a Charleston animal shelter 24-years ago and lacks the paperwork and puppy photos needed to be an official world record holder. While his rescue status makes Guinness love him a little less, it only makes us love him even more.

Chichi, though having slowed down considerably in the past decade, remained a New York neighborhood celebrity, enthusiastically playing fetch until the very end. He was a lover of fine cheeses and a world traveler, having visited the likes of Switzerland, Slovenia, Italy, France and Germany.

Rest in Peace, Uncle Chichi, and enjoy all of the unlimited Gruyère that Dog Heaven has to offer.


A Day That Seemed as if It Would Never Come: Uncle Chichi's Last [The New York Times]

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My first thought when I saw that picture was, to be honest, "oh crap."

My dog Pumpkin (Possessor of Many Nicknames, Including But Not Limited to the Following: Humpkin, Grumpkin, Peekin, Lumpkin, Captain Underfoot, Boogerstein Orchestra, Little Man, The Groaker [seriously, the word "groak" means "to stare at someone as if expecting to be fed"], and Devil Dog) looks eerily like li'l Uncle Chichi there. He just turned eleven and is, I kid you not, just hitting his stride.

Current projections estimate his demise will happen sometime in the 2050's. Lucky for him, and us, cute makes up for a lot.