Researchers Release "Attractiveness Rating" Report • Miss Georgia Refuses Crown, Returns To School

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• Researchers from Queens College report that, when rating attractiveness in the opposite sex, men are more likely to go for the same type of women (labeled "thin" and "seductive"), while women are attracted to a range of features. •


• After being named Miss Georgia 2009 in the state primaries for the Miss America pageant, Kristina Higgens stepped down from her post and declined her crown. Surprisingly, this decision has nothing to do with leaked nude photos or underage drinking, but rather Higgen's desire to continue her career as a middle school teacher. • A new study found that women with polycystic ovarian syndrome may benefit from electro-acupuncture treatments and increased exercise. Doctors hope thee findings can help women manage PCOS without turning to traditional pharmaceutical treatments. • More good news in reproductive health: Doctors say that ovary transplants may become more readily available, thanks to recent advances in technology. The procedure may now be used to help older women with fertility problems. • According to a recent poll, the economic downturn has lead to an increase in the number of working moms in Asia. The survey also found that 86% of Asia Pacific respondents were worried about their finances. • Babies born via C-section are more likely to suffer from asthma: Apparently, the increased stress the infant suffers during the operation may, along with certain environmental factors, can lead to the development of asthma later in life. • Global Voices has an interesting, albeit depressing, roundup of bloggers writing about homophobia in Kenya. In related news, the blog HIV in Kenya takes on the issues surrounding male circumcision and HIV transmission. • Biologists found a litter of 10 lynx kittens in Colorado, the first litter found in the state since 2006. They hope that the newborns signal the return of the native cat to its natural habitat. •


jonbenet ramsay snow

i actually prefer my men thin and seductive, and like a range of women. what does that make me???