“Researchers...asked more than 100 science faculty members at academic institutions across the country to evaluate one of two student résumés. The résumés were identical except for one small part: The candidate’s name was either John or Jennifer. Despite both candidates having the exact same qualifications and experience, science faculty members were more likely to perceive John as competent and select him for a hypothetical lab manager position.” This study actually gets worse.

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The Noble Renard

These studies are unbelievably helpful in demonstrating scientifically the power of subconscious bias, whether it’s racial or gender-based, as distinct from overt racism or sexism. And yet the boogie-man of affirmative action and “I know a guy” persistently proves more convincing to many people, leading them to believe that either there’s no bias, or that the bias is actually towards minorities, even though they have absolutely no data to back it up.

It’s immensely frustrating.

Edit: GAH and this graphic is so infuriating too. When hiring for jobs requiring math skills, employers are far more likely to hire men with inferior skills than the average: