Researcher Refutes Demonization Of Pornography

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A Canadian researcher found men in a relationship watch about 20 minutes of porn per week. "Pornography hasn't changed their perception of women or their relationship," he said, "men don't want their partner to look like a porn star." [Eurekalert]


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Gawn Til November

i think Pornography is very similar to.... say alcohol...

People can do it in moderation.... to a 'healthy' extent... but just like alcohol, porn (especially internet porn because of its accessibilty) can become a serious issue in a relationship from both sides and can become an addiction...

Personally, my partner has no issues with me watching porn and masturbating (as long as im not doing it in front of her)....

she does the same too when im not around... its fine

on another note.. porn has CLEARLY affected/changed sexuality in several ways.

1- ANAL SEX SEEMS NORMAL and guy have no issue askin for it now (AND I DONT GET IT... ITS ANAL SEX...::shudders::)

2- makes it seem more common place, as a result some people feel more pressured...

and i dont feel like thinkin of more examples...

i dont think porn should be demonized, in one sense it is just erotic media.. but it has gotten out of hand, and needs to have some type of control/limitations..