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"Research suggests that, contrary to the stereotype, women's navigation skills can be better than men's. But this ability comes to light only when there is food to be found — in particular, items laden with calories. It is thought the gender differences may be a legacy of the ancient hunter-gatherer way of life on the African savanna." [The Age]


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Galaxy Girl

@lisas: Yeah, and some studies have shown that dynamic to be kind of false anyway. That whole "men hunt, women gather" thing was invented back when archeologists and anthropologists were all trying to be Indiana Jones (late 1800's, early 1900's). Needless to say it was a male-dominated culture with lots of "big game" hunting. I've read somewhere that now they think we survived not because of our wonderful hunting skills- let's face it, we'd be breakfast in no time for a pack of lions- but because we were good at hiding and sticking together in packs.

Anyway, I always hate male/female stereotypes because they never seem to apply to ME. I am fabulous with directions and am constantly playing the navigator in real life and in video games with my boyfriend. And I'm great at math and spatial relations. So there, researchers!! :P pbbbbbbt