Illustration for article titled Requiem For A Vulgarity: RIP Vajayjay

Some vulgarities, like fuck or cunt stay with us for centuries, while others, like quim (thanks Cheast!), appear and then fade into obscurity — sometimes from overuse. And, thus, despite your votes and our love of the only remaining awesome character on Grey's Anatomy, we sadly bring you the slow, painful death of vajayjay. From Miranda Bailey to Oprah to The New York Times to Tyra and finally to Michael Smerconish of The Philadelphia Daily News, who declared his passion for the word because vagina "refuses to roll easily off the tongue," [Heh, roll off the tongue, heh heh. —Ed] vajayjay is suffering mightily from overexposure and it needs a long, deep slumber. For those who need to call female genitalia something giggle-worthy, may we suggest either the Gawker-approved "catbag" or the Tina Fey favorite "cooter"? It can give us all time to heal.


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