As if some singles don't find enough reason to winnow perfectly-acceptable entrants from the modern dating pool, people may soon be able to screen the DNA of potential mates to determine the likelihood of such things as diabetes, Alzheimer's and heart disease. And now comes news of a new, at-home fertility test that can easily ascertain the motility (and therefore, fertility) of a man's sperm. Today's NY Times reports that the test โ€” called Fertell โ€” goes on sale today, and "helps drive home the message that both men and women can contribute to infertility."

Although Fertell is ostensibly for use by couples looking to conceive, we predict a disturbing, not-so-distant future in which a certain type of marriage-minded woman follows a promising, sex-soaked date with a trip to the bathroom... used condom and fertility test at the ready. (The test is accurate for up to 80 hours after ejaculation). And despite the fact that Fertell provides a device to measure female fertility as well, getting a "sample" from an unsuspecting woman won't be quite so easy for a guy. (Ha!) Unless, of course, she doesn't flush.

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