There's a big presidential election coming up sometime in the kind of far-off future for which whole container ships of cash have already been amassed, and while we are much more interested in Barack and Michelle's weird marriage right now an interesting sideshow to the spectacle is watching Republicans with like decades of history supporting abortion rights try to convince Christians that deep down they have always believed abortion was, well, you know, like murder or something. Mitt Romney, Fred Thompson and Rudy Giuliani all have pretty pro-choice pasts they are now in the process of revising, so now John McCain — McCain! — to wave the whole true-believer banner on the issue, which is kind of weird, considering Christians were supposed to hate McCain or something over some black love child he never had. Suffice it to say, the whole thing seems pretty absurd. In fact, we almost thought we could not do a better job at grasping the absurdity of the abortion debate than the GOP primary candidates. But then we realized, we are women and fuck yes we could:


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2008: Abortion And The GOP Primary [NY Times]

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