Republicans Know How To Showcase Diversity

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  • The Republican National Committee has finally released its speaker line-up for the convention, which McCain spokesman Rick Davis says is designed "to showcase the 'diversity' of the Republican Party." [HuffPo]
  • Which is why the line-up is 75% male and 86% white. "Diversity." [Washington Post]
  • John McCain's doesn't question Obama's patriotism, just his judgment, so Obama should just shut up and accept that we need to keep on keeping on with the war in Iraq. [Politico]
  • Which is why McCain would be cool with having a draft again, since once we're done in Iraq we'll still have Osama bin Laden to chase down and we won't have enough troops for that. [ThinkProgress]
  • Rush Limbaugh is just dying for Obama to pick Biden because Biden says stupid crap. And Rush Limbaugh knows all about saying stupid crap. [Time]
  • Like this gem: "it is striking how unqualified Obama is and, and how this whole thing came about with, within the Democrat Party. I think it really goes back to the fact that nobody had the guts to stand up and say no to a black guy." [Media Matters]

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I think they picked McBush so they'd be sure to lose. That way, they can blame the Dems for their mess.