Today House Republicans gleefully announced that they've done away with the biodegradable food containers and utensils Nancy Pelosi introduced to House cafeterias, because as everyone knows, protecting the environment is for wussies. They also did away with the House's composting program, which the chair of the House administration committee said costs $475,000-per-year and is "neither cost-effective nor energy efficient."

Instead, members of Congress are using cheaper plastic and Styrofoam products. An anonymous Congressional staffer sent TreeHugger photos of the garbage generated during lunch today and said cafeteria employees had to empty cans about every 10 minutes. In response to the end of her green initiatives, Nancy Pelosi Tweeted, "#SoBeIt GOP brings back Styrofoam & ends composting—House will send 535 more tons to landfills #TalkAboutGovtWaste"


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