Republican Women Would Totally Hold Hands With Mitt Romney

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Remember all that crappy crap about women that Mitt Romney kept saying during the socially conservative pissing contest that was the 2012 GOP primary season? Well, it looks like that's water under the bridge for women — the GOP Presidential nominee is getting more and more popular with the ladies by the day. He's so happy he could just hold you down and cut your hair right off!

According to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, Romney's still much less well-liked than the President, but he's gaining, mostly thanks to women coming around to his bland Frankenreagan charm. A month ago, 56% of Americans said that they viewed the President favorably, compared with 35% who felt the same fondness for Romney. In the ensuing weeks, Obama's favorability has dropped to 52%, but Romney's has risen to 41%.

The big bump in Romney's popularity comes from Republican-identifying women. Only 59% found him likable last month, and 80% are ready to jump on the Romney bandwagon — or climb aboard the roof of the Romney station wagon — this month. Some strategists believe that this is due to his wife Ann's increased presence on the campaign trail. According to the Washington Post, conservative ladies go Bieber-crazy for Ann Romney. She's been introducing her husband at campaign events and just got her own press secretary, which means she's about to kick her pre-election schedule into a higher gear. The campaign also released a video entitled Soul Mate, which highlights how Mitt supported Ann in her battle with multiple sclerosis, a story so sweet that even I can't make a mean joke about it.


The Romney campaign is succeeding at painting Romney as a loving and devoted family man, something GOP women can get on board with. But just because Mitt Romney is kind to his immediate family doesn't mean he'd make a good President. And it doesn't mean he'd show the same care to women who are not his wife.


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