These days it feels like a miracle when you find a sane-sounding Republican willing to go against the party line, which is why this speech by Washington State Representative Maureen Walsh feels quite remarkable. Walsh, a Republican from Walla Walla, spoke yesterday in support of the marriage equality bill being debated in the House, and she made a lovely and compelling case.

A widow, she spoke very frankly about why she valued her own marriage—and, in a particularly funny moment, she said, "I don't miss the sex" and then backtracked a bit on that sentiment. But her main point is that she doesn't want to deny anyone else the right to experience the same wonderful connection she had with her husband, least of all her daughter, who happens to be a lesbian. Walsh was one of two Republicans who supported the bill, which passed 55-43, and will be signed into law next week. Three cheers for her for standing up for what's right and not just what's Right.

Aaand if that's got you feeling just a little too hopeful about the state of the world, try watching this video wherein another Republican from Washington, State Rep. Mark Hargrove, says gay marriage is basically no different than a man wanting to marry a slice of bacon—a lesson he learned from watching a Jack in the Box commercial during the Super Bowl.


I suppose you could make this stuff up if you tried, but why would you want to when reality is so much more mind-bending?

[Via The Dish]