Republican Foolishness & Dirty Tricks Compete Against Democratic Undies

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  • Just to prove to American voters that they are really unfeeling, the Republican National Committee released word today that the California Republican Party is filing an FEC complaint against Barack Obama for his visit to his dying grandmother, who passed away today. Is anyone home over there? [Washington Post]
  • If you weren't already aware, Barack Obama doesn't want to see your underwear. Panty-flinging should remain metaphorical. [Politico]
  • Sarah Palin is definitely not releasing her medical records. I want to be angry about this, but I wouldn't want reporters pawing around my gynecological exams either. [CNN]
  • Republican Senator Orrin Hatch, having lived the last 8 years with his head firmly up his ass, thinks that the U.S. will "lose a lot of stature throughout the world" if we elect Obama. [Politico]
  • Speaking of embarrassing America, the KKK is recruiting again in Ohio because of Obama. [The New Republic]
  • In other embarrassing news, robocalls have gone out to voters in Toledo to try to convince them they can avoid long polling place lines by voting by phone. I'm sure they're totally not Republican-funded. [Rolling Stone]
  • Calls telling Democrats to vote on Wednesday have been made to voters in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, too. [Huffington Post]
  • And Republican Senator Roger Wicker is so worried that he'll be voted out of office he's handing out sample ballots telling Mississippi voters he's a Democrat. [Huffington Post]
  • Republican groups have started hitting Obama on his support for reproductive rights again through commercials, which will totally change the race for McCain. [Time]
  • As will neocon Fred Kagan's idiotic weekend editorial that voters need to stop paying attention to the American economy, Wall Street and Main Street and start voting on what's happening on Baghdad's Haifa Street. Spencer Ackerman's got video of what Kagan knows about pretty much any street, which is to say "nothing." [Attackerman]



I wasn't sure where to post this, so sorry for the threadjack. I just had a disturbing voting experience. I showed up with my ID and my voter registration card, and my name was NOT in the book! They had to call the election office, which told them that I was indeed eligible, and write my name into the book. I'm so disheartened. I said 'Shenanigans!' rather loudly (the old people were not amused).

To top it off, I locked my keys in my car at the polling place, and I was surrounded by Republicans shooting their mouths off while I waited in line.