Report: Kendall Jenner Newly 'Obsessed' With the Niche Snack 'Chocolate'

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Chocolate, ever heard of it?

During a recent appearance on The Tonight Show, Kendall Jenner revealed that she’s got a pretty eclectic palette when it comes to food. She said there is one particularly niche treat that she’s recently discovered:

I didn’t like chocolate most of my life. I was on a flight a year ago and I was starving, I had gotten off an 11-hour flight, and then was getting on a six-hour flight. We hadn’t taken off yet so they didn’t have the food out and the only thing I saw was a baby Twix. And I was like you know what, I am desperate, I’m going to try this Twix. So I tried and I was like Jesus Christ, this is really good. It’s so good! So I’ve liked chocolate ever since, I’m obsessed.


What a foodie! It’s good to try new things.

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While any Kardashian/Jenner observation of an “ordinary” food is both pleasantly quaint and hilarious to me, I, a poor peasant woman, had a remarkably similar experience around age 30.

During my childhood, I had no real sweet tooth to speak of. I have teeth that crave salt/ fat, instead, so all my Christmas stockings were filled with slim Jim’s and Pringle’s (and assorted things like blank cassette tapes- as I am a poor and an old- and toothbrushes, etc.), but never any candy because I didn’t eat it.

I just didn’t see the attraction to sweets, especially to chocolate. UNTIL fast forward to an afternoon in my early 30s... I’m PMSing... I walk into a gas station and pick up a Mr. Goodbar, a dark chocolate Hershey’s with almond, and an Almond Joy... oh my god. The endorphin rush... instantly I understood why everyone around me was so obsessed.

I’ve since MORE than made up for all the uneaten chocolate of my youth. Trust me on that.