Report: John Travolta’s Hotel Demands Include Aluminum Foil on the Windows & Male Masseurs

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Would you like to be John Travolta’s personal masseuse when he’s staying in a hotel? If you said yes for some reason and are a woman, TOO BAD, LADY, because John Travolta only wants to be surrounded by candles and drowned in essential oils while “How Deep Is Your Love” is playing if a man is the one doing the rubbing.


Page Six reports via a source that a “male masseur” is one of the many requests on Travolta’s alleged hotel rider. Other necessities include “aluminum foil and dark curtains” on the windows, and for the room to “be empty for 24 hours before his arrival, in order to avoid anyone else’s scent lingering behind.”

Travolta also brings his own sheets, which is sort of smart if you can fit them in your carry-on.

[Page Six]

When asked to clarify his comments about catcalling by film critic Peter Travers, Henry Cavill said he didn’t mean what he said. Cavill actually thinks being catcalled is “awesome”! His only problem with catcalling is when catcallers catcall him when he’s with his girlfriend.

So if any of you catcallers want to catcall Henry Cavill, make sure he’s alone! He’ll love it!


“What am I doing at the opening party for a new gym?” - Ewan McGregor


[Page Six]

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