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Report: Glee's Mark Salling in Possession of Graphic Photos of Girls Under 10

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Following yesterday’s arrest of Glee’s Mark Salling for possession of child pornography, TMZ is reporting that images featuring girls under the age of 10 in sexual situations were found on his computer:

Mark Salling’s computer not only contained pics of underage children in sexual scenes, some of the children were under 10 years of age ... this according to law enforcement sources.

As we reported, the LAPD’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force seized more than a thousand images from the “Glee” star’s desktop computer, and they still have to go through his cellphone, tablet and laptop.

Our sources say some of the images involve girls under 10 engaging in sexual activities.

According to Page Six, Salling is already out on bail.

The actor recently filmed scenes for upcoming superhero movie Gods And Secrets. Director Adi Shankar says he will cut Salling from the film if the allegations prove true.


Shocking (that Salling even has a film to get cut from).


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