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Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth

Renesmee Debuts In New Twilight Breaking Dawn Stills, "Renesmee" Still Not A Name

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

For those of you who care, a pretty little girl named Mackenzie Foy makes her debut in the Twilight canon as Renesmee Cullen, daughter of vampire-ized Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in the new Entertainment Weekly, which features all manner of awkward stills for your consumption. Don't you wish you could e-tro (electronically introduce :DDD) Foy to child-star-made-good role models Emma Watson, Jodie Foster and Drew Barrymore and call it a day? [The Mary Sue]

  • Jersey Shore's Ed Hardy-shirted human steroid Ronnie has had charges brought against him by a dude he punched out at the club last week.[TMZ]
  • Jennifer Aniston showed the Holy See her 'llopian tubes. [Daily Mail]
  • Russell Brand flipped out/went all Aldous Snow after a U.K. interviewer asked him about Katy Perry. [Contact Music]
  • Your favorite Celebrity Duet Mad Lib, Lady Gaga and Tony Bennet, are coming back for more. [Contact Music]
  • Yet another verse can be added to Ballad of The Drake-Chris Brown Battle on The Beaches of Normandy: Eva Longoria's ex Tony Parker was also injured that fateful night at the club. [Digital Spy]
  • Meanwhile, Rihanna gets sassy with a paparazzo who asks her about the altercation: "You mean the Pacquiao fight? I didn't finish watching it." [NY Daily News]
  •'s car was impounded. [Contact Music]
  • Two Hampton society fancyfamilies are having competing Downton Abbey-themed parties. One of them is Isabella Rossellini's, on hiatus from dressing up like a grasshopper and fucking. [Page Six]
  • Mariah Carey wrote a song for President Barack Obama. [Express]
  • Kate Middleton's closet full of identical dark blue wrap dresses and Prince Harry apparently "flirt inappropriately." [Gather]
  • Dear Mayor Bloomberg, Deloris Van Cartier (Whoopi Goldberg) likes her fucking Big Gulp. XOXO, Gossip Girl. [Page Six]
  • The Sexiest Dad is Matthew McConaughey so don't bother trying. [Express]
  • Will & Grace's Eric McCormack and Debra Messing will reunite for a LGBT fundraiser with the band .fun. [Broadway World]
  • Beebs was so disillusioned by Mariah Yeater's paternity suit that he almost stopped chillin' by the fire while eatin' fondue, forever. [Digital Spy]
  • Those pictures of Kim Kardashian dressed as mama Kris Jenner in L'Uomo Vogue that you didn't ask for are here! [The Berry]
  • After collapsing yesterday, LiLo's damage control tweet reads: "Note to self.. After working 85hours in 4days, and being up all night shooting, be very aware that you might pass out from exhaustion (sic). 7 paramedics MIGHT show up @ your door. Hopefully theyre cute. Otherwise it would be a real let down." [Twitter]
  • "''I know they're thinking, 'Cheryl Cole thinks it's OK to fart on a plane as she's special,' and it's so not true.'' —Ernest Shackleford Cheryl Cole [Contact Music]