Renée Zellweger Isn't Listening When You Talk About Her 'New Face'

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In an interview inspired by the inexplicable new movie Bridget Jones’s Baby, Renée Zellweger was asked once more about her face. Her human face, that looks totally normal and lovely. What’s up with it?


Basically, she thinks she’s fine and idle hands are the Devil’s Internet commenting play things:

The relevant excerpt:

“I remember a couple of years ago people were talking about, ‘Oh, she changed her appearance.’ Does it bother you, does it get to you or is it just par for the course?” host Sheinelle Jones asks.

“It’s not really part of my life. It’s part of the job, that I don’t really experience except when I step into this arena,” Zellweger, 46, says.

“In my home I’m not aware of it. I don’t do any kind of social media, so I don’t see it. I like to have – I guess you would call them real experiences.”

I don’t say this a lot, but... shade. [People]

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In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Tracy Morgan says he contemplated suicide after his accident, but got through it for the sake of his wife and adorable little girl:

“I said, ‘If my funny ever went away, I’d die,’” he says on a Monday evening in his New Jersey home, a few days before the Michigan show. “And I thought I was going to die for a long time. My thoughts – I was in a very dark place. I was sitting right here, contemplating suicide. I couldn’t walk.”


Also for the sake of his octopus and sharks:

Though Tracy jokes that he turned away from heaven’s white light because he “thought it was the police,” he’s pretty sure that it was his dad who sent him back to Earth.

“He was the one who said, ‘Go home, son. I ain’t ready for you yet,’ “ says Morgan. “I don’t think I cheated death. I think this was the plan. My room wasn’t ready.” He would have left behind Megan, Maven and his three kids from his first marriage, who range in age from 24 to 30. “I still have shit here to do,” Morgan says. “It’s gonna take more than 18 wheels for me to get out of here. I have to raise my girl, raise my wife, raise my family.” Exotic pets, too. “Gotta keep my octopus alive. Gotta keep my sharks alive. Those are God’s creatures! I’m needed!”


And because there’s still a lot to look forward to:

“I look forward to my wife getting pregnant again,” he says. “I look forward to my daughter going to nursery school. I’m here. I get to see all of that.”


Plus, look at that little girl again. [Rolling Stone]


Looks like Patrick Dempsey is letting his wife touch his face again.[Fashionista]

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Tracey’s daughter is a little “mini-me” with that expression on her face. Briana Fellowes.