Reminders: SNL Live Thread Tonight

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Don't forget: we'll be having our Saturday Night Live Thread this evening. While the last episode of SNL was absolutely the worst one we've seen all season, there are still 2 episodes left, and one hopes that the cast and crew will pull it together and give us something to laugh about. Tonight's episode is hosted by John Malkovich, and features musical guest T.I. To get you psyched up for tonight's episode, a clip featuring Malkovich and my personal favorite SNL cast member, Bill Hader, after the jump.


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So glad there's a new episode tonight. Malkovich is oddly soothing and SNL takes me to a warm happy place which is imperative when you're still severely hungover at 9pm because you braved the cold last night, went out, saw the ex that broke your heart into a milliom pieces for the first time since being dumped 9 months ago, and did shots with him until crawling in a cab and sleeping together.

Oh I'm the queen of overshares.

I've got a cache of random comfort food on its way to and plan to stay glued to this couch all night. Partyyyy!