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Thanks to those who have already sent in submissions for the August installment of Past Fashion, in which we're focusing on childhood athletics. (They are all sorts of awesome.) To those who haven't scanned and clicked "send": Just Do It. Email photos (posed or action shots) of your uniforms (team or otherwise) to with "Past Fashion: Sports" in the headline, and be sure to include the specific sport (if not obvious), where you are in the picture, and the year and location the photo was taken. We will be accepting submissions until August 16.


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@semiorobotics: Oh my goodness, I was looking through old pictures at my parents' house the other day, and it is scary how much my sister and I were dressed alike! And my grandmother used to force my mom and her sister to dress alike, and my mom vowed to never do that to her kids, but clearly failed.

I did find some awesome bathing suit pictures (balloon boobs, anyone?), too bad I was late. :(