Remember When Tyra Banks Made A Music Video?

Well, if you don't remember Tyra's stab at a music career, here's the video for "Shake Ya Body," a track that must've been a J. Lo throwaway. Tyra, the self-proclaimed "Queen of Cheap," used the budget for ANTM Cycle 2 to produce this video by turning the choreography into a challenge for the aspiring models. Unsurprisingly, her music career never took off. But whatevs, because we prefer watching her act all crazy on daytime TV.


Tyra Banks - Shake Your Body [YouTube via EW]

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I didn't even have to play the video, that awful song is now stuck in my head. And remember when Yohana fell during her dance part? Fantastic. Maybe this cycle Tyra will foray back into movies and as one of their challenges, the girls will have to be extras in a scene.