Remember The Sisterhood

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"Did you ever think you would hear Bill O'Reilly's channel applaud Jezebel for taking a 'firm moral position'?" Uh, no. We're still in shock. Click the pic for the video. (Related: I am officially semi-obsessed with Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, if only because we disturbingly share the same views on cities and some of the deadly sins. Though I am definitely also "sloth.") [5 Resolutions.]

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I never thought I'd see the day that the term "Muffin Top" was scrolling across Fox News. Wow. Also, I probably would have had an aneurysm if I'd seen this when it actually ran. It feels like when someone you actually know is on the news, ya know? Also, Claire Mysko, are you a Jezzie? And how can I get your job?