Remember the bonkers dog cloner, Bernann McKinney, who sold her house so she could clone her dear departed pit bull, Booger, into five mini Boogers after he died? Well McKinney is even more bonkers — and not in a funny way — than originally believed! Though we're loathe to compliment the Daily Mail their crack team of tabloid reporters did an excellent job uncovering the truth behind Bernann: she used to be a former Miss Wyoming named Joyce, and she was arrested in 1977 for imprisoning and sexually assaulting a young Mormon student. Before her trial could conclude, Joyce/Bernann skipped bail and fled England for Canada. When asked if she was really Joyce McKinney, Bernann snapped, "Are you going to ask me about my dogs, or not? Because that's all I'm prepared to talk to you about." Looking at the then and now pictures should convince anyone with a pair of peepers that Joyce and Bernann are one and the same. [Daily Mail]


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