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Remember Rocky, the inimitable stage mom from I Know My Kid's a Star? Well, there's an audio interview with her up on Vh1, and we highly recommend that you listen to it. She talks about that time she asked her daughter if her tampon string was hanging below her mini skirt ("I'm from New York. Askin' if my tampon string is showin' is like askin' if there's a sale at Nordstrom's. It's not a big deal."), likened Mylie Cyrus to a stripper, and discussed her own music career, in particular, a song she wrote called "Who's the Bitch Now?" ("It's a song about a girl whose boyfriend treats her like shit and she goes out and gets all this bondage stuff and ball gags him. I mean that's the kind of songs that I write. I write the kind of shit that people really think about in life. Like real stuff that happens to them.") [Vh1]


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Oh yeah, that's normal everyday stuff. For Insano Lady.