Remember Latarian Milton, the 7-year-old who stole his grandma's car for a joyride because he wanted to "do hood rat stuff"? Well, he's in trouble with the po po again, this time for beating up his grandmother, Vikkita Stratford, his guardian, after she refused to buy him chicken wings. The two were at a local Wal-Mart, and after he was told he couldn't have chicken wings, he went up to the counter and ordered them anyway. When Stratford tried to reprimand him about it, he snapped, and physically attacked her. Later in the day, the police picked Latarian up at his grandmother's home and took him to an area hospital, where he will be detained for 72 hours for a mental health evaluation. Seriously, this kid is the embodiment of that Chris Rock joke when he says, "If a kid calls his grandma 'mom' and his mom 'Pam,' he is going to jail." Except it's not funny because it's true. [WPBF]