While ANTM is of course still really great, the first four cycles are just a little bit more special because Janice Dickinson was a judge. Today MTV reran one of the best episodes ever, from cycle three (the one that Eva won). In it, Janice teaches the girls how to pose in swimsuits and evening wear, and as over-the-top as she could be at times, her advice here was actually the most practical, valuable and helpful coaching the girls received. In this clip, Janice teaches the girls how not to look like a porn star, while kind of looking like a porn star, and then complains about one girl's lack of facial expression. Ironically, while Janice is lodging this complaint to the camera, the Botox has left her unable to furrow her brow in disapproval. We're really into Paulina and all, but we seriously miss Janice. After the jump, an extra treat.

Remember Kelle from this cycle? The one who went on to become an undecided voter? Well, this might just be the funniest 25 seconds in Top. Model. History.