Remarkably Smart Australian Company Gives New Mom a Maternity Bonus

Forget about paid maternity leave — at the Insurance Australia Group, one of the country's biggest companies after Outback Steakhouse, the Steve Irwin Estate, and Paul Hogan, new mothers receive double their original paycheck during their first six weeks back on the job. Double. As in, twice as much as before, a sharp contrast to data showing that pregnancy can often precipitate a significant decrease in a woman's salary, especially if she steps away from the workplace for an extended period of time.

The Insurance Australia Group already offers three months of paid maternity leave, so the back-to-work bonus is really just further acknowledgment that lugging around a potential person for 9 months is really hard work and deserves some extra scratch. Just ask Fox's Megyn Kelly, who didn't think paid maternity leave was that big a deal until she experienced it. Now, she'd probably cut you if you tried to take it away from her because it's seriously that important.


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