Remarkably Idiotic Teacher Trash-Talks Students On Her Blog

Here's what happens when a teacher keeps a blog in which she calls students "Frightfully dim," "lazy," "sneaky," "rude" and "rat-like": She gets suspended.


Other choice student-oriented quotes from the Bucks County, PA English teacher's blog include, "Am concerned your kid is going to open fire on the school," "I hate your kid," and "Seems smarter than she actually is." Although Natalie Munroe wrote these things over a year ago, she was busted when a parent found them and turned her over to school officials. We get needing to vent, but this is an argument for diaries — the kind with locks.

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Phillipa Marlowe

I teach middle and high school English, and, boy, do I have to vent sometimes, even about the idiocy of particular kids. However, I also realise that they are just kids, and do not deserve harsh judgement on their personalities at a young age. As a teacher, it's part of my responsibility to help them be better people and not just make fun of them for being wrong.

However, I do sometimes post on FB cute mistakes that my students make. 8th grade vocab malapropism that makes me smile: "Watch out! Don't put that perfume bottle near the fireplace! It's flamboyant!" :)