'Reluctant Hero' Charles Ramsey Will Also Get His Own Book

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Described by The Cleveland Plain Dealer as a "reluctant hero," the man who helped the three Cleveland women who held captive by Ariel Castro for years escape is writing a memoir. The news comes days after it was tastefully announced that Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight are trying to figure out their own book deals.


"America doesn't know yet how truly brilliant this guy is," said Ramsey's co-writer Randy Nyerges. "What you saw on TV doesn't even begin to tell the story," Ramsey added, making perhaps a vague reference to own complex complex history. Ramsey has already been offered free hamburgers for life and been the subject of a weird and offensive video game that also involved hamburgers.


According to his publisher Gray & Co., the book will be cover what you'd expect it to cover:

In his book, Ramsey will give a detailed account of the day of the rescue. He'll describe living next door to kidnapper Ariel Castro while unaware that the women were being held captive in his neighbor's house. He'll tell what it was like to become an instant celebrity. (For example, he says he learned the hard way that when a national TV show flies you to New York City for an interview, that doesn't mean they also bought you a return ticket to Cleveland.)

Ramsey will also write candidly about his life before the rescue, including growing up as a black kid in a mostly white neighborhood, getting into trouble in school, serving time in prison, and, after release, working as a dishwasher and in various odd jobs to make ends meet.

The untitled memoir comes out this spring.

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Oh, sure.

The "reluctant hero" gets a book deal and free hamburgers for life. But all I get is leered at in the mall food court where I work.

Look, I don't want to wear this dumb costume. No one wants to dress up everyday like a tasty Greek sandwich. But you gotta do what you gotta do. So I do it, reluctantly — a reluctant gyro.