Religious Protesters in Indonesia Prevent Lady Gaga from Delivering a Telegram from the Devil

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Citing security concerns after especially zealous religious groups protested her upcoming performance, Lady Gaga has cancelled a show in the Indonesian capital Jakarta, surely disappointing the 50,000-plus monsters who'd purchased tickets to the June 3 event. Indonesian police had refused to issue the singer a permit to perform after Islamist groups such as the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) threatened to stop her from getting off her plane.


The FPI, which hailed the cancellation as "good news" for Indonesia's Muslims, had issued warnings of violence, calling Lady Gaga the "devil's messenger" who wears only a "bra and panties." Hours before the announcement that the show would be cancelled, Gaga tweeted, "There is nothing holy about hatred" to her 25 million followers. The controversy the singer's show sparked in Indonesia is just the latest in a series of religious outbursts against Gaga's tour through Asia — Christian groups protesting her shows in the Philippines and South Korea accused her of blasphemy, which just goes to show you that fundamentalists can come in all shapes and sizes of metaphysical superstition. [BBC]

  • Despite nagging rumors that she can't endure more than 15 minutes of amateurish X Factor auditions, Britney Spears hasn't been "storming" or "walking" or wandering aimlessly off anywhere — she's a committed member of the X Factor high council, at least according to Simon Cowell. If TMZ's jabberjays have spotted Britney getting up from the judges panel a little too often, it's because judges break "every 5 or 6 six songs" for juice and cookies in a dim, windowless lounge custom-built for faded celebrities. [E!]
  • You know what will never fade? Those blinking wristbands Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has claimed were designed by a sex toy inventor. In fact, the wristbands are so well-made that Martin admitted that he and the band overspent on ensuring they had enough fresh wristbands for each show, since, according to Coldplay's legal team, recycling the wristbands could lead to the spread of some virulent zombie plague. "You have to clean everything," said Martin, "in case someone picks up herpes or TB. Our lawyers told us we'd get sued, and having been sued a few times we're not keen on that." [NME]
  • Demi Moore (whom the Mirror describes with the somewhat cruelly outdated epithet "Indecent Proposal star") and Ashton Kutcher hugged each other for kind of a long time (60 whole seconds, according to a stopwatch that whoever observed them didn't have) at a birthday party for the man who officiated at their wedding. Could they get back together? That birthday party seemed as good a time as any to renew their vows and upstage their friend's special day. Mirror]
  • Amanda Bynes has been accused of yet another hit-and-run, this latest incident to have occurred on April 10 when the actress barrelled her Enterprise rental car into an unsuspecting motorist on the 101 Freeway. She fled the scene, but police eventually traced the car's license plate back to her. A lemons out of lemonade scenario might involve her filming a series of very funny commercials for Enterprise, probably something with bumper cars. [TMZ]
  • UFC ring-walker Arianny Celeste was arrested on allegations of domestic violence Saturday morning and held at Clarke County Detention Center on $3,000 bond, which sounds like a horrible way to spend a Saturday. She was released at around 7:00 pm that very night, just in time to watch the dying embers of her weekend flicker and fade to ash. [TMZ]
  • Rihanna almost ran into Chris Brown when she was out on the town, an event that would have ripped a hole in our current reality, making everything that happened from that point on super awkward and uncomfortable. [X17]
  • Jenny McCarthy says that she and Chicago Bears middle linebacker Brian Urlacher are dating. In unrelated news, Jim Carrey has gone deep undercover to investigate the disappearance of the Chicago Bears' official bear, who I imagine wears a shriner hat and can dance adequately to "The Way You Make Me Feel." [NBC Chicago]
  • The guy who rented his mansion to Sean Kingston is suing the singer for skipping out on two months rent and alleged property damages, such as broken lamps, broken sprinkler heads, and punctured drywall. The bill is upwards of $70,000, plus that security deposit Kingston wasn't going to get back in the first place. [TMZ]
  • Mary J. Blige's charity is being sued by TD Bank for taking out about $250,000 in loans and repaying only $400, which is an extremely conspicuous shortchanging unless you're a really lazy accountant. [TMZ]
  • Clint Eastwood's daughter, 19-year-old Francesca Eastwood, bought a $100,000 Hermès Birkin bag so that she and her celebrity photographer boyfriend Tyler Shields could light it on fire and mutilate it with a chainsaw. Chainsaws, as it turns out, are incredibly dangerous, especially when you use them to make a redundant point about materialism. [TMZ]
  • Camille Grammer thinks she's kind of like Mel Gibson, but not because she drives around a nuclear desert with a faithful Australian cattle dog — someone eavesdropped on and recorded an expletive-riddle phone call she made to the mother of her boyfriend's child. [TMZ]
  • 80-year-old country music icon George Jones has been released from a Nashville hospital after being treated for the second time this year for an upper respiratory infection. [CBS]
  • Charlize Theron is "very good" with side-nudity, having found, over the course of an illustrious film career, that it's probably her best kind of nudity. [Radar]
  • Michelle Obama took daughters Sasha and Malia to see Beyoncé perform at Atlantic City's newest palace of broken dreams, the Revel. [USA Today]



Couldn't Francesca Eastwood make an equally valid statement by just giving me $100K to pay off my student loans and then dramatically burning up all my Sallie Mae bills?