Geneticists at the Pink Tiger Research Institute in Australia have discovered the gene that causes Christianity in mice, just in time for the biggest religio-consumerist holiday of the Roman calendar year.

The geneticists β€” themselves gay men who were glad that the scientific community proved that gayness was genetic instead of a "choice" β€” set about researching the cause of Christianity, only to find it easy to discover, isolate and remove in mice. They figure it won't be that long until they can offer prospective parents the choice to "fix" their children in utero (or at least selectively abort them) so that their children don't grow up to tell gay people that they should just do a better job ignoring their biological urges, since no amount of research into the biological causes of homo- (or bi-) sexuality or tolerance will apparently convince some Christians that homosexuality β€” or the "practice" thereof β€” isn't a choice.

Gay Scientists Isolate Christian Gene [The Independent]
Image via bangitout