Sure, sex is great*, but at some point in your life, you need to prioritize. When you reach a certain age, you begin to want something...more. It's OK to not want to be alone for the rest of your life — don't let anyone tell you any different. When you're in a relationship, there is a lot of give and take, and part of that is giving, not just taking, in the bedroom. Men are a little more sensitive than they let on and it means something to a guy if he's able to make you orgasm. He feels closer to you, and it gives his an ego boost. So if he's not able to make you orgasm, and it's a problem in your relationship, a good strategy to keep him around would be to embellish a little bit. It's kinda like if your size 10 friend is wearing white slacks — you don't want to hurt her feelings, so you tell her that she does not look fat! Let's face it, women are helpless in the face of their physiology: We are programmed to nest, not climax. If you want to have a real relationship, you might have to fake some orgasms.

At some point, we all need to become adults, and in doing so, we need to stop being so selfish. If you want to make a relationship work, you have to do what you should and not what you want. You should make your man feel good about himself, even though you may want to feel ecstasy. Think about it: An orgasm lasts for a few seconds. A relationship can last for decades, if you work at it!

It may sound harsh, but it's true: Our body's primary biological function is not about orgasming. And that's why it's perfectly alright to compromise something like that, especially if it's for a better cause that's bigger than you, like securing a really great boyfriend. Because at the end of the day, that can be so much more satisfying than any physical sensation!

*So, as you probably know by now, Jezebel will be moving in a "new direction." I'll still be writing about sex, but it will be more focused on health/relationships, and have a purpose, rather than just sex for sex's sake. In addition, I'll be spending less time here talking about taking off my clothes, and more time on what clothes I like to wear.


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