Rejoice, Everyone! The Prancercise Lady is Back!

Hallelujah! The Prancercise Lady is making her glorious return to YouTube with a new video. Get your party walking on, people!


Prancercise Lady, aka Joanna Rohrback, is one of the most beloved Internet-famous people of all time. (At least she is in this blogger's stoic heart.) Her Prancercise Fitness Workout video has more than 10,000,000 hits. The leader of an "a fitness revolution," Prancercise Lady returned to grace us with her presence awhile back, in one of those cute pistachio nut commercials. But she has not given up on her quest to give us all "her unique uninhibited form of movement and self-expression known as Prancercise." Thank goodness!

I also just noticed this was released on my birthday last week. Thank you, Prancercise Lady. It was the perfect gift.