​Reince Priebus Wants To Shut Abortion Clinics out of Compassion

Just when you think the "OBAMACARE" joke has run its course, RNC chairman Reince Priebus is back blaming his party's attempts to restrict abortion on their own compassion (lol) and blaming everything on Obamacare. Oh good.


Today on Meet the Press, Chuck Todd asked Priebus why the GOP was so focused on closing down clinics that offer abortions while they insisted the government keep its nose out of pretty much every other business, particularly in Texas. As Raw Story reports:

"Too much regulation, is that fair?" Todd wondered. "Why regulate on the abortion issue now [instead of waiting until] you win a fight in the Supreme Court and ban abortion altogether? Why restrict a business now in Texas?"

"The fact of the matter is we believe that any woman that's faced with unplanned pregnancy deserves compassion, respect, counseling," Priebus replied.

Emphasis added because AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA compassion!? Respect?! Priebus is literally saying that he wants to take women's right to their own body away because he cares too much. So can you really blame a man for having TOO BIG A HEART GODDAMMIT? Pretty sure family planning centers and abortion clinics are the only places where a woman with an unwanted pregnancy can be guaranteed compassion and respect.

Todd continued to press the issue, asking if shutting down 80% of the clinics was actually compassionate. But of course, Priebus who seems to think the War on Women is a historical romance novel reduced the argument, the legislation, the disregard for women and their circumstances on whether or not "you ought to use taxpayer money to fund abortion."

"I mean, that's the one issue that separates this conversation that we're having," he insisted, adding that the 2014 election would be decided on other issues.

"Obamacare, jobs, the economy, Keystone pipeline," Priebus opined. "So you can try to steer — talk about abortion again, but the fact is of the matter is, if you're in Skagway, Alaska, you're thinking about the fact of why my life isn't better off today than it was when this senator was elected six years ago."


The RNC's official stance on abortion: "Seriously guys this isn't funny, can we please talk about something else?"



As a voter, here are the questions I am asking myself.

Did I have healthcare when "this Senator" took office? NO

Have I gotten healthcare since "this Senator" took office? YES, for the first time in FOURTEEN FUCKING YEARS!!!!!

Has the Republican party ever offered an alternative plan to Obamacare? NO

Do I wish I made more money? YES.

Am I making more money now than I made when "this Senator" took office? YES!

Has the Republican run Congress done even one thing to improve my financial situation? NO.

Has the Republican run Congress done even one thing to improve the lives of any American who doesn't have millions of dollars in the bank? NO

Did the Republican run Congress spend millions and millions of taxpayer dollars making more than 50 attempts to take away my healthcare? YES.

Does the Republican Party want to use the federal government to take away my control over my own body? YES

Did the Republican run Congress spend millions and millions of taxpayer dollars trying to find a scandal in Benghazi? YES

Did they find an actual scandal in Benghazi? NO

And finally, what the fuck kind of name is Reince Priebus?