The crew at Regretsy is tired of seeing crappy crafts pop-up on the DIY crafting site: "While we have appreciation for people with real talent," they say, "we can't help laughing at the ones who don't have any."

Relying on user submissions and declining to link to the actual artist in question, as "that wouldn't be funny," the Regretsy crew wants to make it clear that they aren't out to "shame" anyone and that they site is simply a means of poking fun at those who aren't necessarily up to snuff. It's a bit like Cake Wrecks for the craft crowd, though some of the crafts featured don't seem all that bad, just a bit weird or a bit corny.

As for the "we don't link" policy, it doesn't really hold up, as I found these Twilight sneakers on Etsy in about 2.1 seconds. The seller has already sold several Twilight-related items, including a pair of sneakers to a customer who claims "i knew i would love these shoes, and they came so quickly after i ordered them! they are truly AMAZING!!! they are well done and are perfect!" Regretsy might think the shoes are "hideous," but the customer, it seems, has no regrets at all.