Regretfully, the wisdom-drenched words of Bill "Drunk Female Guests Are the Gravest Threat to Fraternities" Frezza will no longer be appearing on Forbes dot com. He was let go earlier today. He will be missed.


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Bears for President

It's funny because this dope was sort of writing about something that is true that Fraternities have to think about. Not any of the victim blaming or problems with affirmative consent but it's very real that fraternities tend to get held liable when someone is drunk and does something stupid in their house. When I was an active member our insurance bills were a major, major expense for that very reason.

Because of your average fraternity being pro-drunk women in general and anti-any guy who isn't in the fraternity this means that, yes, the people most likely to sue the fraternity will be women and that is something fraternities have to be proactive in thinking about and avoiding. If he had framed that, though, as "Hey, Fraternities, you're held to a higher standard, so be super-duper careful that you don't over-serve/take good care of drunk people" there might have been actual value as opposed to "Drunk Sluts R the Worst, amirite?"