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Speaking of internet commenters: An eagle-eyed tipster informed us that gossip blog (and repeated Missdemeanor offender), Perez Hilton, has started requiring registration for commenters this week. The tipster wonders if Perez grew "tired of the haters," assuming that Perez ever read the comments, and noted that the comments numbers have decreased dramatically. We put on our "reporter" caps and selected an older blog post at random and compared the comment number to a similar, newer blog post. Final tally? The older post had 165 and the newer one had 88. Definitely a dip! But the commenter threads are still as awful as usual, only now they include avatars. [Perez Hilton]


I read Perez since he was [] and then I stopped because I found MissDemeanors and Dirt Bag(last year). I don't think he used to be as obnoxious - or else Jezebel dropped the scales from my eyes.

Why even bother with registration? The quality of the comment threads over there hasn't improved much, it seems.