Registered Sex Offender Has Now Been Arrested an Absurd 169 Times

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For the 169th time, Brooklyn resident and registered sex offender Glen Verdelli will be shunted to the jailhouse corner of his life's Monopoly board, where he will probably not contemplate the many reasons why it's not okay to grope women on public transit. Debbie Simon, the deputy first assistant prosecutor on Verdelli's case, said that, although Verdelli is something of a sex-offense glutton, "We can only charge him for what he did and not what his criminal record is," thought she acknowledged that his record sheet is, um, "fairly unusual."


CBS News reports that Jersey City police caught up with Verdelli at Jersey City's Grove Street Station as he was trying to board a Manhattan-bound PATH train back on July 16. He has been accused of groping a 28-year-old woman on two separate occasions. Verdelli was identified by a picture his accuser took of him after the second incident, and when police showed him his apparent likeness, he said, "It could be me." Though Port Authority spokesman Steve Coleman said that this was the first time that he knew of Verdelli allegedly groping someone on a PATH train (because, hey, all those other offenses just start to run together after a while), he admitted that most of Verdelli's previous 168 arrests had been for sexually-related crimes.

Verdelli was also carrying some marijuana at the time of his arrest, which might make the upcoming legal proceedings just a little more interesting. He's facing two counts of criminal sexual contact, a fourth-degree offense in New Jersey, and could face up to 18 months in jail, plus time for whatever other crimes he's convicted of. Simon added that she has never seen so many arrests on a defendant's record, and hopes that this latest incident might be enough to get Verdelli out of crowded trains and subways at least for the foreseeable future.

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This is ridiculous. He is a homeless drug abuser that isn't getting the help he needs. Locking him away is obviously not doing any good so why would an extra 5 years help? Not to mention the cost of imprisonment. I do not support sex offending, but I also think there is a larger concern here.