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Regis & Kelly Make Project Runway Designers Feel Bad About Themselves

This morning, the final quartet of designers from Project Runway season 4 — Christian Siriano, Jillian Lewis, Rami Kashou, and Chris March — dropped by Live with Regis and Kelly for a little chat, as Heidi would say. Sadly, what should have been a light and buoyant interview came across as, well, somewhat underminer-y: In no time at all, Kelly implied that Christian was a copycat and Regis told Jillian that "everyone" thought she should have won the candy challenge (Rami, that challenge's winner, sat quietly to the side). Oh, and don't worry, though it's not in this clip, rest assured that when Regis introduced Rami, he noted that he was from Jerusalem.


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Umm-okay - I think you're right - I'm sure Christian would not say he was happy with the outcome if he didn't win. His line at fashion week sucked though, IMHO. Anybody agree? I know Rami is a jerk, (especially how he treated Sweet Pea), but his final showing was great. I looked at Jillian's offering again on the Bravo website, and her taste is impeccable - just not wearable by anyone but a skinny, under 25 year old. Also, I have to agree with one of the original commenters last week - that gold thing that Jillian submitted really did suck. I know he didn't win, but I'm still pulling for Chris. Can't wait to see if he won fan favorite tonight by a landslide - who else could it be?