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Regis And Kelly Remind Us Not To Stick Foreign Objects Up Our Noses

Today on Live! With Regis And Kelly, Regis shared the story of 13-year old Andrew Dahl, who is trying to get into the Guinness Book of World Records for inflating a record-amount of balloons with his nose. Regis then launched into a long rambling diatribes on the merits and problems of the Neti Pot, which apparently he is using to try to help his allergies, before whipping out balloons for both himself and Kelly to inflate. 1) Do Neti Pots actually do anything? 2) I never want to see anyone inflate a balloon with his or her nose ever again. Clip above.


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I live and die by my neti pot. Nasal passages maybe be self cleaning to some extent but the pollution and allergens that nyc leeches into your body ... my nose can't compete with that. AND I don't take anitbiotics, especially not for cold/ sinus issues and a neti (or as my mother refers to it - my nose douche) clears up anything in no time.

If it's making your nose dry you're using too much salt and not blowing it out hard enough.