Reese & Jake's Romantic Roman Holiday

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  • Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal: It's so on! They're calling them "Reesenhaal." [The Sun]
  • No, seriously. After dating in March, then breaking up in June, they were snuggled up all over Rome this weekend. Strolling the streets arm in arm! Photographers from Big Pictures caught all the canoodling. Hmm, think it helps that Reese's divorce was finalized this month? [Daily Mail]
  • And Reese was on Ellen and said of Jake, "He's great!" [Us Magazine]
  • The first thing Heidi Klum noticed about Seal? His "package," which made her say, "Wow." [People]
  • When asked if she's happy with husband Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman says, "I don't ever say that... People's lives together are complicated and beautiful." Sure, sure. [People]
  • And Word is that Nicole — who hasn't had a hit in a few years — is starring in a $175 million flick due around the holidays that is "just plain bad." [Page Six]
  • Martha Stewart is going to be roasted by Katonah, New York residents who are still mad she tried to trademark the town's name for a furniture line. Think she gives a crap? [Page Six]
  • The backup dancers who did most of the work while Britney Spears stumbled through her MTV Music Awards performance have not been fully paid. Also, Britney "ignored" the court-appointed parenting coach assigned to monitor her visits with sons Sean and Jayden. Same old, same old. [Page Six]
  • Blind item! "Which TV 'reality' mom has had a little elective surgery to help her get over the baby weight?" [Gatecrasher, last item]
  • While magician David Copperfield is under investigation, information has surfaced regarding his "system for picking up women." It involves Copperfield choosing women from the audience to assist him during his show, then photographing them and interviewing them about their favorite cologne. Uh, ew. [TMZ]
  • Pete Doherty has dumped his fiancée, model Irina Lazareanu, after a huge fight on Monday. Will he try to get Kate Moss back? [The Sun]
  • In other Pete Doherty news, a judge removed the remaining term of a drug treatment order, after being convinced by experts that Doherty is staying clean. Good for him! [Telegraph]
  • The Spice Girls are taking pole dancing lessons in preparation for their upcoming tour. Uh, girl power! [The Sun]
  • Amy Winehouse performed in Amsterdam, running off the stage six times to hug or kiss her hubby Blake Fielder-Civil. "My husband looks like a model with his new haircut," she told the audience. She also replaced the lyrics of one song with the words, "blah, blah, blah." Still really really love her. [Mirror]
  • Singer Courtney Love is banned from Claridge's hotel in London, because the last time she was there, she started a fire in her room with a cigarette. [Mirror]
  • Actress Gretchen Mol had a son, whom she named Ptolemy John Williams. As you'll recall, Ptolemy was a Greek mathematician and astronomer. That kid will be explaining this his whole life. [People]
  • A critic wrote that on Britney's new album, "If a blow-up sex doll could sing, this is what she'd sound like." Ouch. []
  • New unedited footage of Anna Nicole Smith makes Howard K. Stern out to be a manipulative exploiter who helped keep Anna high on drugs. Ugh. []



Sometimes I wonder if there is anything Heidi Klum can do to make me like her more, then she uses the word 'package' and I fall into another level of love for her.