Red Carpet Economics: Stars Are Not Just Like Us

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Tabloids put a lot of effort into humanizing celebrities, showcasing messy love lives, spotlighting lumpy and bumpy "beach bodies" and gleefully exposing bad hair/skin/makeup days. But when you consider a celebrity's red carpet look, it becomes painfully obvious that a star is not like a regular human being. The star is elaborately clothed, elegantly coiffed and dripping with jewels… Without ever whipping out a credit card.


According to New York's The Cut, Charlize Theron's Golden Globes ensemble — gown, diamond headband, makeup, hair, brooch, ring, handbag and shoes — cost a whopping $8,079,905. For one night. How much of that sum did Charlize Theron pay? Zero.

Charlize is a Dior spokesmodel, so naturally, she wouldn't pay for the gown, the bag and the makeup. Cartier loaned her over $6 million in diamonds; the editors at The Cut assume the $1150 Givenchy shoes were a gift.

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Pair this information with the New York's chart detailing an A-list actor's profit and loss index, and you get a fascinating portrait of the celebrity industrial complex. In which a celebrity both earns and spends epic amounts of money — although possibly not where you'd think. (This particular celebrity — rumored to be Jennifer Lopez — seems to spend as much on her swimming pool as she does on charity.)

What we should remember is that, in a way, the stars work for us: The movie tickets and albums we buy have an affect their income. It may have cost $8 million to send Charlize Theron down the red carpet for one night, but the photographs from that one night will end up in magazines around the world, for years to come. And who buys those magazines? We do. So the next time you're in Hollywood, be sure to knock on J.Lo's door and ask if you can swim a few laps in her pool. After all, you paid for it.

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this is part of "rich people are able to save money because they are rich", isn't it?