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Discovery Channel's Shark Week got an extra boost from female viewers this year, attracting more women ages 18-49 than ever before. Probably because "shark week" = periods, AMMIRITE, LADEEEEEEZ?


Overall, Shark Week 2014 rated slightly lower than Shark Week 2013 (women ruin everything), bringing in, according to Deadline, 2.48 million primetime viewers compared to last year's 2.56 million. Regardless of the dip, Discovery Channel still ranked #1 in primetime all week.

As for the female viewership, more women were watching Discovery Channel during Shark Week 2014 than any other period (heh) in the network's history herstory.


What can I say? We love blood, guts and sharks as much as we love chocolate and not knowing how to drive.

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Overall viewership probably went down because the cachet of shark week went down after that ridiculous fake megalodon documentary last year.