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To heck with Descartes: nowadays, it's more like, "I am on Wikipedia, therefore I am." So how is it then that the most topical and relevant of all neologisms, "Recessionista," does not have its own Wikipedia entry? In our estimation, the omission of this handy "Recession-Fashionista" hybrid from our virtual Herodotus is glaring indeed. More to the point, does something officially exist before Wikipedia? After all, you generally already know about something's existence before you look it up, just not the details of its history. Like, when is something truly in the lexicon? And by placing something on Wikipedia, is one simply following a natural rhythm of cultural evolution, or manipulating the public knowledge base? Big Questions, kids.


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If someone can change Amy Poehler's page to say she had a baby two minutes after it was announced someone will be able to add this before the end of the day!

O/T but I just looked at the Jezebel entry: []

What I learned from that - Moe was laid off from Gawker. I'm way behind...